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We provide services to government and private sectors as well to the international companies, agencies and organizations in the fields of information technology and networks, Solar energy power systems, alternative power systems, Solar water pumps, wind turbines, batteries banks, CCTV systems , control systems, and fire protection systems. The company also provides after sales services, maintenance services, technical support and integrated solutions in the relevant fields through its distinguished qualified and certified engineers and technicians of different specialties. The company has a large technical support and maintenance workshop in various fields to provide its services to the public. The company provides consulting and service contracts in the field of maintenance of computers, information networks, printers, electronic systems and systems. The company provides consulting and service contracts in the field of maintenance of computers, information networks, printers, electricity systems and UPS maintenance.

Delta Technology sells and markets many products in the field of information technology and renewable energy for several international brands.
Delta Technology is always looking for and dealing with the highest quality brands to market and sell the best and latest products available in the global market.
Delta Technology is a partner of several international brands and aspires to be the preferred partner of most of the world's leading companies.

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Delta provides after sales services as well as maintenance and technical support services.
The company has high qualified and certified team of engineers and technicians specialized in the fields of information technology , networks, Power System, solar systems , electronics, software , Protection and surveillance systems and others.
It also has workshops, equipment and tools for maintenance and technical support in various fields.

Computer & Technical Support Section :

We provide the services of troubleshooting and repairing servers, personal computers, and laptops .Also solving software problems of operating systems, programs, virus protection, troubleshooting … etc.
Providing maintenance services, technical support and consulting in the field of networking and information technology.


IT & networks support :

We have a specialized department in the design and programming of information networks with specialized and qualified engineers in Cisco networks and programming routers and distributers.
We have a specialized section for designing and implementing professional IT networks, Data Centers and electrical networks and their maintenance services.


We have the department of maintenance and repair of electronic parts and motherboards of various kinds for all devices. Boards of (Servers – Laptops- Power Inverters – UPSs- Printers – photocopier .. etc.


Delta technology Providing maintenance and repair services for all types of UPS and Inverters as well as providing maintenance services for Tripplite Power Products as Distriputer and authorized service center in Yemen.
We have designing and implementing services for solar energy solutions and solar water pump and we have qualified engineers and techniciens.


We have a center for maintenance, examination and rehabilitation of idle batteries.


We have a special department to inspect, repair and maintain large and small printers of various kinds:- Billing Printers – Line printers, Laser jet printers, Office printers , Scanners and Photocopier.
We also have a staff specialized in the maintenance of PRINTRONIX linear printers and repair and replace printing heads.


The company performs the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems and has a professional technical staff in this field.